The recipe(s)
The pitaya nicecream:
- A splash of almond milk to get the blender going
- 1 scoop Forever Ultra Vanilla protein/nutrition powder
- 3 frozen very ripe bananas
- 50 g golden raspberries (red will be just as fine)
- 1 tsp pink pitaya powder your @theorganiclabs order)
In the açaí nicecream I added:
- 50 g fresh wild blueberries
- 1-2 tbsp açaí powder 
- 1 tbsp peanut butter
Mix it all in a high speed blender (use a tamper/stick to push the ingrediens towards the blades) until smooth, serve in a bowl and top it up with whatever makes your soul happy.
Eat with your eyes closed and have the best day ever.🙏😌✨

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