❤️1 cup flour
❤️1/4 cup corn starch
❤️1 tbsp @theorganiclabs Beetroot powder
❤️1 tbsp xylitol
❤️250 ml oat milk
❤️2 tbsp neutral oil

Filling and garnish:
💛3 bananas
💛nut butter

-Mix milk with @theorganiclabs beetroot powder.
- Mix flour with corn starch and xylitol.
-Pour half of milk into dry ingredients and mix well to combine. Then pour the rest milk.
- Add oil and mix well to incorporate. Let the batter sit for half an hour.
- Bake on a non stick slightly greased pan for about 1-2 min than flip over and bake for a half min.
-Roll in banana in each crepe and serve with nut butter and berries.


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