🐰125g yogurt
🐰1/2 tsp @theorganiclabs yellow curcumin
🐰 1/2 tsp @theorganiclabs blue spirulina
🐰 1/2 tsp @theorganiclabs beetroot powder
🐰1 cup coconut cream
🐰2 tbsp jaggery powder
🐰1 tsp agar agar dissolved in 3 Tbsp water
🐰6 sandwich cookies
🐰2 marshmallow for bunny ears

-Divide yogurt into 3 jars and add @theorganiclabs 1/2 tsp superfood powder in each.
-Boil coconut cream with jaggery powder and dissolved agar agar for a 2 min and wait to cool down for a few minutes, then pour equal amount into colorful yogurt jars. Mix well to combine.
-Blend 6 sandwich cookies and press to the bottom of the jars. Pour first cheesecake layer on the top and leave in the fridge for a few minutes. Repeat with the second layers.
-Decorate with marshmallow bunny ears and leave in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

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