🫐1 cup fine oats

🫐1 tsp @theorganiclabs Blueberry powder

🫐2 tbsp agave syrup

🫐2 cups oat milk


🤍1 cup coconut yogurt

💜1 tsp @theorganiclabs blueberry powder

🖤1 tsp @theorganiclabs activated charcoal powder

🤍white chocolate ghosts 👻

💜1/2 cup blackberries


Method: -Add oats, @theorganiclabs Blueberry powder into a pot, pour agave syrup, milk and cook for a few min until creamy. -

Color coconut yogurt with blueberry powder and activated charcoal powder from @theorganiclabs. -

Top oatmeal with black and purple yogurt. Garnish with blackberries, and white chocolate ghosts. Enjoy!

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