Ingredients (makes 1 loaf)
250g bread flour
15g sugar of choice
3g active dry yeast
3g pink salt
175g milk of choice
25g butter

@theorganiclabs 8g purple sweet potato powder & 5g activated charcoal powder (Dissolved in 2 tsp water)

In a stand mixer, add all ingredients except for butter. Mixing on low-medium speed with the hook attachment until the dough comes together, about 8 mins. Add butter, a few pieces at a time. Scrape down the bowl. Continue to kneading on medium speed for 10 mins until the dough is smooth. Remove half of the dough from the mixer, set aside. Add dissolved taro yam & carrot powder into the half dough and continue kneading until it combined. Knead plain dough and purple dough into balls. Cover let them proof for 1 hour until doubled in size.

Transfer the doughs to a clean surface. Form the dough into a balls and let it rest for 15 mins.

Roll out the dough to equal-sized rectangles and then lay purple dough on top of plain dough. Cut out 8 long strips, stopping half from the edge. Twist strips.

Begin rolling up the dough along the wide/long side of the rectangle with seams facing down. Place it in a bread pan and let rise until doubled in size, about 1 hour. Bake at 190c for 30 minutes.

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