•1 cup oats
•1 cup cashews
•2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)
•2 tbsp date syrup
•pinch of pink Himalayan salt
•1 tbsp water

•1 can (400ml full fat coconut milk)
•1 tsp agar agar dissolved in 1 tbsp water
•50 ml lemon juice
•1 tsp @theorganiclabs yellow curcumin powder 
•1 tbsp corn starch dissolved in 1 tbsp water
•1/2 cup tbsp agave syrup

Add all crust ingredients to a food processor and blend until combine. Transfer into the tart mold and press with your finger or spoon to the bottom and sides. Bake 170°C preheated oven around 6 minutes until golden color.
- Dissolve agar agar. Add to the sauce pan coconut milk, dissolved agar agar, dissolved corn starch, lemon juice, agave syrup, @theorganiclabs Yellow curcumin , salt and boil 2 min. Pour on prepared crust. Leave tart 4 hours or overnight in the fridge.
- Garnish with fresh or frozen strawberries.

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