Turtles Matcha cookies

vegan, gluten free, oil free, sugar free

/10 cookies/

- 130 g tahini

- 150 g maple syrup

- 120 g oat flour

- 1-1,5 tsp of Ceremonial Matcha from @theorganiclabs

- few drops of vanilla essence

- 1/4 tsp of baking powder


In a bowl, mix together tahini and maple syrup, then add oat flour, vanilla essence and baking powder and mix everything together with your hands. Add Matcha to 2/3 part of the dough and make 10 round turtles shells. From the remaining dough make turtle’s paws and heads. Stick the parts together, making 10 turtles, on a baking paper. Make shells more „cracked” by using fork. Make turtles eyes by end of the chopstick.

Bake cookies on the baking sheet, in 175 degrees, by 10 minutes.

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