RECIPE - Made by @alchemy.eats

Base ingredients:
- 1 cup dates
- 3 cup oats
- 1 tbsp agave syrup
Base method:
1) Soak cup of dates for 10 minutes in warm water
2) Drain water and blend with syrup until you have a date paste
3) Add oats and blend until well mixed
4) Press the mixture into the tart case you will be using
5) Place the tart case in the freezer for 2 hours until firmly set
Filling ingredients:
- 1 1/2 cans of full-fat coconut milk
- 300g cashews
- 1 tbsp agar agar
- 3 tbsp beetroot powder
- 1/2 cup strained raspberry coulis
- 2 tbsp maple syrup
- 1 tsp vanilla essence
Filling method:
1) Soak the cashews overnight
2) Drain the water from the cashews and blend
3) In a pan, heat the coconut milk. When close to boiling add in the agar agar. Stir the mixture until dissolved.
4) Whilst still hot, add the mixture into the blender with the cashews. Add all remaining ingredients
5) Pour the mixture into the tart case. 
6) Leave the tart to set before cutting or adding toppings - this normally takes around 10 minutes.

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